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Indexa V

Indexa-V: Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you work with?

Indexa-V cutting inserts are made with micrograin tungsten carbide, configured to specific geometries, and finish-coated to work in your cutting material.

What diameters are available?

Indexa-V drill products accommodate diameters ranging from 0.4375" (11.11mm) to 1.378" (35.00mm), and are available with 8 standard holder series which include short length straight flutes, regular length straight flutes and twist. Designed with a patented "V" seat, Indexa-V tool holders provide stability for accurate cutting repeatability.

Do you provide custom body configurations?

In many cases Indexa-V can modify an existing body configuration from their diverse portfolio to describe a custom solution that meets production specifics and cuts development time and cost.

What are the variables for designing a custom Indexa-V drilling system?

Variables for a custom drilling system include:

  • Drilling media
  • Cutting depth & diameter
  • Accuracy and & consistency
  • Cycle time
  • Chip removal

What are the benefits of drills designed with a "V" pocket?

Self-locking-centering drills designed with unique "V" pocket assure axial thrust is directed through the center of the tool holder. The advantages of this design include: greater stability, better size control and a higher quality finish. Sub-micron chip resistant substrates ensure longer life of the cutting edge.

Also, drilling and chamfering are combined into one operation and changing the drill insert can be done right in the machine without resetting for drill length.

How can I request a quote for special or standard drilling systems?

Contact Indexa-V at or call 586-558-9450.