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Indexa V

Indexa-V: Custom Carbide Tooling Systems

Indexa-V custom carbide drill systems are designed to optimize performance and cycle time for the best sustainable productivity in specific production environments. By factoring physical attributes with application variables Indexa-V delivers a custom carbide drill system that will balance machine characteristics with production requirements to find a solution that cannot be achieved from off-the-shelf products.

The start-to-finish process of designing and producing a custom carbide drill system considers all particulars that apply to achieving the precise configuration, including:

  • Type of machine tool
  • Type of cutting media
  • Feeds & speeds - cycle time

Physical characteristics

  • Hole diameter (D1)
  • Depth of cut (L4max)
  • Total length (L1)
  • Shank size (LS)
  • Tolerances
  • Chip removal - coolant

Secondary operations

  • Counter-boring
  • Chamfering
  • Forming
  • Step drilling

Indexa-V Carbide Drill Diagram